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Vol 37 No - 1 (2019): AL-IDAH

All praise be to Almighty Allah, the latest Issue of “Al-Idah” is in your hands. Al-Idah is a research journal with pro-Islamic orientation. It publishes research articles in three languages simultaneously i.e. English, Urdu and Arabic. It offers a moderate approach and addresses modern day socio-political and other issues with religious bend of mind. Its worthy writers belong to diverse ethnic, national and academic background which further enriches its content. Al-Idah provides a forum for the scholarly articles and research papers. Here our complete focus is on religion and our approach is progressive and moderate. Our worthy contributors are noted researchers and scholars who approach the contemporary issues with keen insight and interest.  I   thank all my staff and contributors for making Al-Idah a success.

 Let us join together and be a part of this great mission of spreading light of the moderate teachings of Islam in whatever way possible. The only way to transform the Muslim Ummah from a dormant and passive lot into a vigorous, energetic and leading nation of the world is through kindling the fire of learning and invoking quest to unearth mysteries.

Please, let us know, if you have any suggestion. Your feedback is vital for bringing improvement in our work.

Take care.

Published: 2019-07-15


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Al-Idah is an International peer reviewed, Open Access,HEC approved “Y” category, bi-annual research journal. Its domain is Islamic Studies& theology and we encourage submissions related to the contemporary challenges by the Muslim Ummah. Our focus lies in the spreading of true progressive moderate and adoptive picture of Islam that embraces diversity and difference. The essence of Islam lies in peace and tolerance.

More specifically, Al- Idah takes regular submissions from academic professionals and researchers belongs toUloom e Quran,Hadith and Rules of Hadith, Seerat e Nabvi,  Jurisprudence, Islamic History, Comparative Jurisprudence, Comparative Study of Religion,, Anti Extremism, Social Sciences and related disciplines.

With this aim the articles may be addressed to any related issues – social, economic, political, technological, theological- falling in the domain of theology and Islam. Our mission is to create awareness and spread the authentic teachings of Islam. Today Al-Idah is the luminary in the research world due to the acumen of its valued contributors and their high- quality research parameters that make it what it is.