Research on Akhlaq Development: The Standard Character and its Development in Muslim Living

  • Journal Editor Al-Idah Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Peshawar
  • Dr. Muhammad Khan Malik


Knowledge without its moral disposition is of no benefit. The virtues of knowledge without hidāyat are useless and vice versa. Man is advised to control his behavior as he will be questioned for his deeds. Faith is not a matter of words but of accepting Allah’s will and striving in his cause. Every soul shall have a taste of death and on the Day of Judgment will be paid full recompense for his deeds. The one who is admitted to heaven would attain the object of life. This object is achieved by moral character. It shapes an individual in a way conducive to the unfettered growth of good, virtue and truth in every sphere of life. It gives full play to the forces of going in all directions. Also it removes all impediments in the path of virtue. It eradicates evils from social plan by prohibiting the causes of its appearance and growth, by closing the inlets through which it creeps into a society. It saves from all sorts of human weaknesses and counsels of pseudo-wisdom, self respect that keeps breaking-in and resists all evils. This is attained by exercising highest patience and self restraint. It signifies the entire scheme of life and not any isolated part or parts thereof. Akhlāq develops an attitude in a person by which every moral valuation, every decision as to the practical course for whatever the individual would prefer in his life to take for ultimate success.

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Al-Idah, J.E. and Dr. Muhammad Khan Malik 2019. Research on Akhlaq Development: The Standard Character and its Development in Muslim Living. Al-Idah . 29, - 2 (Jun. 2019), 55 - 68.