The Investigative System of Islam Investigative System of Islam

  • Journal Editor Al-Idah Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Peshawar
  • M. Idrees Lodhi H. Atta ul Mustafa


The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was sent to establish justice. He made use of law and good conduct to achieve this great target. Complete investigation and transport exploration is of universal value that holds fundamental significance in legal system. This research article presents insight, broadness and transparency of investigatory system established by the Prophet (PBUH). It also highlights rules and laws in the light of valid research references. All these features are evident in Prophet’s personality. In this regard, keeping in view the nature of topic, the guidance has been sought from the commands of The Quran, Hadith and different incidents of the life of Muhammad (SAWW). A discussion has been premeditated to explore Prophet’s tactics regarding law of investigation. This research article, having research outlook and logical link, touches upon the rules and principles which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has given us for the recognition of the real culprit of good judgment, clues and witnesses.

Investigative departments are radically important for the protection of Islam, maintenance of peace, internal stability and the protection of life, honor and property of people living in the society. The charter of these agencies is to abolish oppression, establish justice, impose the writ of law, and punish the guilty and to bring lawbreakers within the grip of law. The officer who performs the above duties is known as Naazir e Jaraaim1 in Islamic jurisprudential terminology. Further duties which fall within the remit of this officer are: Investigation of charges, production of the accused before a court of law, getting proven criminals sentenced by the court, executing the sentence handed down, releasing   the accused in case evidence is not sufficient and getting wrongful accusers punished properly.

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